Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Eve and Emily Love's Birthday Party

Photo: Erin, Erin, Emily.

I really loved meeting the Erins and others. It was such a comfortable party. Like at Joel's comfortable parties in Wilkinsburg; out back in the neighbor's yard there was even the little pond with running water making the sound of Joel's neighbor's outside space. I will always remember going out in the night to find the lost woman who had been wandering around looking for the place in high heels over the icy causeway, starting from around the SHARP EDGE(over a mile away!). But the party was waaaay down Penn Ave past 40th Street!!!! Wandering alone after 1am she was trying to find the party that was such a long, lonely, cold, uncomfortable, scary(she lives outside of PGH)walk for her. She called for help and I just happened to hear that guy trying to figure where she was calling from, but by him repeating what she said, I knew where she was and lit out and found her walking, and got her to the party! What the hell was HER name, BTW? And then I met the amazing Hilary. Oh, and that women that was standing talking on the basement stairs, who suddenly lost her angle of repose and toppled, knocking EVERYONE ELSE domino style down the stairs into the basement with a long, loud, rolling, thunderous noise that caused the whole house to go quiet! PRICELESSSSSSS!!!!!!
I hope the whole next year rolls along so riotously nicely as this party did. Cannot wait to see the pics from Erin's cam. I took the library of grabbing her cam and shooting away. She is gonna wonder who the f... took those pics, HAPPYNEWDAYOFBIRTHYEAREMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Photo pending....

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