Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Waste I Made Of My Life.

As you all know, I toured for over a year with a "package tour" of BB King, Albert King, Bobby Bland and(from PGH,)Phylis Hyman(Hymen?). I had to be available on call to play rhythm and lead guitar for all, though I was primarily in Albert King's band. If the guitarists for the others was sick, too high or drunk, had a family emergency or whatever, I had to practice, know the material and be prepared to be guitarist for whichever performer needed me.
Between revenues from their respective recording labels, tour intake fiduciaries, royalties, memorabilia and merch etc. monies, I was paid $7000 per week(AFTER taxes) whether we performed every day or not. Just to be there I got paid. I was young, dumb and wasteful of this income and have nothing to show for it now other than my PEAVY 212 DEUCE amplifier, some records I bought, some paintings I bought and memories.
Let's say I played 365 days. Added up it comes to about $2 million 5 hundred 55 thousand dollars!
Money wasted, squandered and mis-spent.
What a terrible, sad and unforgivable waste!!!!
That is why people more famous in their own right continue to tour beyond there prime and present day abilities.