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Psychedelic Music and TV. 1960s

Velvet Undergrunge was anti-pschedelic, like anti-folk of the current day. They were of the time and locale of psychedelic music and were lumped in the list as such, but they were, in fact(like Thelonious Monk, of the era and locale of Be Bop but himself something unique, other, and , outside of Be Bop, a sort of anti-Be Bop)) anti-psychedelic. Their own upper, downer ridden, s&m dirty speed madness of Chelsea, the Village/Harlem, New York and the East below Boston, which was, somehow, much more San Francisco-like it seems to me.


Electric Music For The Mind And Body by Country Joe & the Fish
East-West by Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Two Virgins by John Lennon & Yoko Ono
The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter by The Incredible String Band
Jeremy & The Satyrs
Sailor by Steve Miller Band
On The Goodfoot by James Brown

Beatles listened to Pet Sounds and were like, "WTF? We gotta do something!"

Post Dylan BAND heard the 1st 2 Procol Harum albums and were like, "WTF, we gotta do something"

Parliament and Funkedelic heard On The Goodfoot and were like, "WTF, we gotta do something."

Miles Davis heard Are You Experienced and On The Goodfoot and was like, "WTF, I gotta do something!"

Chuck Berry heard Muddy Waters....

Oh, yea! Sid Barret mad cap laughs is sidekedellic..

The Fugs' 2nd album, not the boobs a lot album. The 1st was still too post beat, pre psyche. The 2nd album was/is pure psychedelic.

Following the acoustic neo-folk pre electric proto-psychedelic in lyric and atmosphere(pot smoking-like) ANOTHER SIDE OF BOB DYLAN, Bob went full tilt electric, folk-rock, rock blues electric with not one but THREE psychedelic standards! Each more heavily psyche than the last.
Bringing It All Back Home
Highway 61 Revisited and
Blonde On Blonde

(Think of these Dylan albums as kin and precedeing to Beatles' and Stones developements after the fact of the Dylan albums: Rubber Soul[pot smoking, pre-psychedelic], Revolver[early psychedelic] Sgt. Pepper[full blown psychedelic] and on behalf of the Rolling Stones, Metamorphises, Flowers[even though a makeshift album, it is of the period] and Their Satanic Majesty's Request.)

If you doubt me, forget the music on these 3 Dylan discs and just go along with the poetry/lyrics/feeling&dealingsand such. They are the shit! Dylan went electric in 1966, jumping full blown into the psychedelic sheee bang!
By the time the Beatles went "full blown" with Sgt Pepper, Dylan went anti-psyche with New Morning. A new realism streak in Dylan narative style.

led the Grateful Dead to WORKINGMAN'S DEAD, instead of beyond Aoxomoxia as intended. Then, AMERICAN BEAUTY.

I will be surprised that no one questions my inclusion of James Brown's "Get on The Goodfoot" album.

(Black Psychedelic)
Also see:

Black Merda(rare album)

The sophisticated psychedelia of the Motown JUST MY IMAGINATION album, fuck! The Temps?

Stevie Wonder, TALKING BOOK and the following album.

That one Marvin Gaye album.

Early Sly.

Late period Chambers Brothers.

Mid-period Bobby Womack

RICKY NELSON, after becoming RICK NELSON had a psychedelic album. It was, alas, too much for his hardcore base of 1950s fans to bear(?)and too much off the radar of fans now turned on to Motown, raw soul, top 40 pop, British Invasion, post folk, folk rock, jazz psych blues rock mix, of the day, that had turned away from the squeeky clean "Ricky Nelson" style of pop, to care that Ricky Nelson, too had "tuned in, turned on and dropped out"! You MUST check him out from the early 1950s THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE & HARRIET tv episodes to his lone psychedelic outings of the late 1960s.
I can only picture you loving it!

Though a psychedelic album, I consider the Moody Blues' "Days of Future Past" a mostly worst of the 60s album.

Psychedelic lifestyle and music began earlier than most are led to believe. The Hullabaloos had way longer hair than the Beatles or Stones or ANYONE at the time on the TV rock show HULLABALOO. (Tiny Tim had long hair in the late 1950s.)
Before Pet Sounds, Rubber Soul, etc., there were ever more psychedelic singles percolating up from the pop of the mid sixties. THE SEEDS, SAM THE SHAM, BLUES MAGOOS, SKY SAXON, the PSYCHOTIC REACTION dudes and countless other garage/early psyche bands.
We knew things and music were changing and getting weird and there were these early garage/psych bands getting weird with pop music and DYLAN at a sorta forefront and you wondred if the Stones and the Beatles were gonna fall behind.
But NOOOO. Along came the blurryeyed outta focus stoned Dylan BLONDE ON BLONDE cover pic haircurlsflowing and the Beatles WERE getting weird, too! Just look at their now longer hair and lack of suits in the cover pics of RUBBER SOUL and the songs' content and chordal structures are changing and yes the Beatles, followed by the Stones, were getting weird as well!!!
You cannot imagine how exciting this all felt at the time!
BETWEEN THE BUTTONS pretty much follows the album right before and into RUBBER SOUL. The Stones pretty much, as long as the Beatles were active, followed whatever the Beatles did.
How about the fact that the Beatles made a pretty much acoustic rock album years before(Dylan's) NEW MORNING and others, when George and John ditched there electrics for those fat-assed acoustic guitars just as Dylan went electric? What the fuck Beatle album was that? Beatles '65 or some shit? I'm gettin' old.

Can't be Beatles '65 coz Dylan went 'lectric in '66. Or maybe they {Beatles}went acoustic as/so Dylan went 'lectric.
Actually Dylan hinted at an electric persona with CORINA, CORINA on one of his last acoustic albums.

The established bands (US & Europe[Stones/Beatles]) in the case of psychedelia were followers media wise. Like I stated, tons of bands were making burgeoning to full blown psychedelia singles and a few albums. The Beach Boys, being from California got a slight edge on the Beatles, concerning the psychedelia thing. The San Francisco and surrounding area bands were digging the long jazz/rock solos by Mike Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield , Mark Naftolin and Elvin Bishop on the EAST-WEST album. When the Paul Butterfield Blues Band played San Francisco, the Dead, Moby Grape, the Airplane and others dug their(Butterfield's) long solos building to a crescendo and breaking back down and soon began to follow suit!

That is to say a portion of the San Francisco Sound came from Chicago and, through the BLUES PROJECT, NAZZ, BARY & THE REMAINS, LOTHAR & THE HAND PEOPLE, THE FUGS, THE GODZ, JIM KWESKIN JUG BAND, THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS, a small degree from NY and New England.

Buffalo Springfield
Jazzy/folk/electric Donovan (the classic trio: SUNSHINE SUPERMAN/MELLOW YELLOW/FROM A FLOWER TO A GARDEN)
Incredible String Band: Wee Tam and The Big Huge
Eric Anderson
Sun Ra
Tim Hardon
Tom Rush
Sandy Denny
The Charlatans
Jimmie James & The Flames
The Left Bank
The single, CLOUD NINE
The single WHY CAN'T WE LIVE TOGETHER? by Timmy Thomas
That Bob Lind song
(The Meters
The Bar Kays
Booker G
The Magnificent Men
The Kingsmen...think about it! Helped lead to psychedelia)
Paperback Writer/Rain
Escape-Ism(song) by James Brown
Funky Side Of Town(Goodfoot album) by James Brown
Ants in My Pants by James Brown( early use of synth)
Julian Bream, I almost forgot!
United States of America album
Silver Apples
1st 4 Firesign Theatre albums
13th Floor Elevators
Freak Out
Absolutely Free
Captain beefheart
The West Cost Pop Art Experimental Band
The Electric Exploding Plastic Inevitable(kinetic happening)
Loading Zone
Jules Driscole W/ Brian Auger
Brian Auger Express
Lee Micheals
Mothers of Invention(anti-psychedelic)

Mother Earth W/ that wonderful female vocalist, a rival to both Janis and Grace Slick

WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND a second rate, SF style(WEST COAST), psyche band with one good album(pictured above in a thread).
ANDY WARHOL'S POP ART EXPLODING PLASTIC INEVITABLE, a multimedia(EAST COAST) "happening" w/ film, actors in audience infiltraters, projected light show, s&m acts and looped film projections, live band: VELVET UNDERGROUND, Nico gallavanting about "vamping" the crowd and singing with the VELVET UNDERGROUND. This all in Boston at the Institute For Contempary Art, 1966? It was summer and as a part of the "happening" they heated the room! Warhol produced a TV show that Nico hosted on PBS called POP ART THEATER. The VelVeTs would sometimes play a tune.
It was on every Saturday afternoon in Boston. Pittsburgh(Channel 13 WPGH) chose not to carry it.

Andy Warhol's POP ART THEATER on PBS was a mix of post war 1940s through early 1960s SATURDAY AFTERNOON THEATER MATINEE type entertainment mixed with a Friday/Saturday night(11/11:30/12pm, maybe 1am depending on what part of the U.S..) horror picture style host. Nico would present a few cartoons, a news reel and a nature, public interest, or geographic short or all of the above, followed by a grade B or C Hollywood release from the silent years up till, like, 1960. Nico presented and spoke about the films and sometimes, at the end, would do a song with the VeLveT Underground or John Cale or Reed.

About POP ART THEATER. This was the mid-1960s. There was no retro TV programing, yet. No "oldies"nostalgia shows. Warhol was on the cutting edge on PBS, which, at the time, only reluctantly carried the program in select markets/cities due to Warhol's imminence at the time!!!!

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