Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Time I Got Drunk In Az(circa mid-1970s)

(From a chat session)
dujones: i miss az
i used to live there in holy shit what the fuck town asu ist TEMPE
Meriel: hahaha

i want to go there.
dujones: I was forced to b drunk and the police came and arrested this guy that was forcing me to drink. weird story....
Meriel: wtf??
dujones: I should call and see if I can get that police report
I was in this bar having a sammich and this neighbor guy came in and offeredd a drink so i said yea and he bought me a shot
then I said I gotta go to a job innervew and he said have one more
then after that he bought me another but nothing for himself then he just kept buying them and getting meaner and was I AM PAYING U BETERR FUCKIN KEEP DRINKIN OR I WILL FUCK U UP FOR WASTING MY CASH
then he started forcing them down my throat i asked the bartender to please stop and the bartender laffed at me and i was startiing to get really drunk and sick
finally i said i gotta piss and they said go ahead there is no way out back there BUT
there was a phone booth by the mens room and i dialed 911 and told them.
when the cops came he had me on the floor pouring a drink down my throat he was sitting on my stomache
The cops arrested him called more cops and they arrested the bartender and made the owner come and lock the bar till further notice
the owner was pissed cozza his loss of money so immediately fired the bartender in cuffs
they were closed for a week
meanwhile I had my bike so the police took me home instead of jail only becauese i was forced to drink.
Him and the bartender had a hearing and me and the bar OWNER were testifying against them
ever since then though I got free drinks (to a point) at the bar

Sent at 12:26 AM on Saturday
dujones: but there is more, I stupidly got on my bike and tried to make it to the job innerview and passed out in the street while trying to ride my bike someone called 911 and the original arresting officers came and got me. THIS time they put me in an unlocked cell till i slept and so.bered up then they took me home WILD Story huh?
Meriel: sorry stepped away let me read
Sent at 12:29 AM on Saturday
Meriel: whoa duane!
what the hell was up witht aht guy?? That's insane!
dujones: It was weird I think i had alcohol poisoning a little I finally puked into dry heaves and could not eat the next day, i just lay around headachy and puking
I think he was trying to kill me with alcohol and I KNOW WHY cause it came out in court
and THAT is another amazing story to hear the REASON he did it.
1/15/10 the guy that forced me to drink's 1st name was Maurice, David new remembers now. Still working on a last name.

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