Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pagans MC

PAGANS: A motorcycle gang from W.Virginia/Southwestern Pennsylvania area, circa 1960s till the present. Someone mentioned them on the PGH messageboard. My response:

The PAGAN's is still around? I used to have a friend in '63 named Flip Killian, he was like 18 or 19 and was a Pagan. I was a kid. He gave me this leather armband with metal spikes and showed me how to make wristbands outta forks that cd be used for protection. So very pre-punk fashion. I had no idea. Yrs later I met his, more my aged cousin Click! He wasn't as cool cause we were more the same age. Anyway, Flip Killian, in the summer of like '66 or '7 when I came home for school vacation from Boston took me to John the Artist's apartment on Howe Street and got me laid, about 8th in line, with a hot older naked lady on smack or some shit! I never knew that it was really true that a lady could have sex with over ten guys in one setting. It was my second time having adult type sex in one week!. The 1st time was earlier in the week with a girl from Summerlea Street I had gone to grade school with.
Shadyside days!
(Shadyside is a Pgh neighborhood)

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