Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Fugs, Velvet Underground concert, 1968 or 9

Notes from a commentary about the album WORKINGMAN'S DEAD by the Grateful Dead.
I like WORKINGMAN'S DEAD more than AMERICAN BEAUTY, but check out the Beauty on the cover. It can also be read as REALITY.
I met the Dead and the AIRPLANE among others when going to juniour high in Boston. I worked for a folk music mag outta Cambridge called BROADSIDE. I still have copies of that mag! They co-produced a big music fest at Boston University in 1967 and brought in a bunch of San Francisco, etc hippie bands so I met a bunch at once.
When the Dead played the STANLEY THEATRE in dahntahn PGH 2 years later, I was livin' in a commune on Ellesworth Ave, near Spahr St., across from where I grew up; the DEAD performed at the Stanley(now Heinz Hall) with the AIRPLANE and the VELVET UNDERGROUND, then everyone came to the commune for a big acid party(which issa whole story in itself!). That is the period when I used to trip and walk around Shadyside nude in the daytime. Anyway, Pigpen had an aunt living in Wilkinsburg I took Pig to Wilkinsburg the next day and met his aunt.
On another track, ART TRIPP the 3rd of CAPTAIN BEEFHEART's band ended up a bussinessman in PGH!
Art is deceased; he worked downtown inna office doing accounting i think.
It was weird for the Velvets to b on the bill with the love bands but they WERE a sixties band, they came back with the FUGS and someone at the SYRIA MOSQUE not long after that.
As far as I remember, Lou only smoked weed and argued with the hippies but I think he enjoyed himself(I think it was all an act!). Jerry and Pigpen sat up on the 3rd floor and played nothing but solid blues songs! U may be suprised to know that Pig was actually a pretty good guitar player!
O yea Lou told Jerry something like: u fuckin paisleyassedflowerpickers wouldn't survive a week in Chelsea!

Another good show and afterparty was Taj Mahal, The Allman Brothers, and Little Richard at the Mosque. The party was inna big loft space in Soho!
addendum:Internet puts Art Tripp in ... Gulfport, Mississippi (as a Bone Adjuster[chiropractor], and not deceased. Do not know if it is the same Art Tripp the 3rd.

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