Monday, October 12, 2009

U ever try to call Google?

yea whaddup wit dat shit, u ever try to call Google? I did to find out why I ain't got my Wave, yo. The operator gimme dis #: 1 866 246 6453, so i call the #, and it is their advertising wing, like if u wanna place adds through/on Google.
so i call back to directory assistance and I say, I just asked for Googles # and the # I was provided with just hooks u up with their advert thing; I need their main # or Customer service, please. So the woman asks me where are they located? I asked can't you just look it up by name? It's GOOGLE for heaven's sake.

She says that I have to tell her an address, city, or state. So I say , I dunno, Silicon alley? She snaps, "THERE IS NO SUCH PLACE AS SILICON VALLEY, SIR!"
i says, to her, I says, "isn't it in California? Or Washington State somewhere?" She repeats it don't exist so i sez to 'er, "You know the place where they develope software and stuff isn't it called Silicon Valley!"
"I understand silicon Valley, sir but it is like Hollywood there is really no such physical place."

What's with this where are they located shit? Some things you ask for the # of and they just tell you coz it is such a big name. "Main # for AT&T, Please?"
"Yes, sir! That's 1 800 whatever."

So I was all like maybe it's in Redwood, ain't that where Microsoft is?" And she was, like, there's no Google listed in Redwood." An' I got all frustrated and said, "Fuck You!", and hung up and turned to the PC and was all, like, lookin' at the main Google search page but there was no thing to contact em so I went and typed in the take you there space at the top of the browser page and typed, so it goes there and I look and look and there're links for help with all these problems but not mine(Trouble receiving invite for Google Wave) so I scrolls to the bottom of the page and look for "Contact us", so I click on that and it takes me to a thing that says go to so I was all like fuck you, again! Damn, U ever try to call Google? Don't; they'll jam you up, folks! You don't wanna get jammed up do you?

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