Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The current state of the season.

I was just outside. 6:22am. The wind is SSSSHHHHIIIINg the leaves of the trees. The thinner trunk'd trees and young trees bend slightly; the more substantial sway. Others, close together, limb agaisnt limb, bark to bark, squeal and squeak! It's chilly, and HAS been, lately(though yesterday, 10/06/2009, was a windy, balmy warmth of a day). This past summer was, in Pittsburgh, a for the most part, temperate, at times moist, comfortable season; it followed a winter of intermittent moist, dry, then moist again, slightly warm days, considering it WAS winter; days with few truly harsh temperatures. Again, the past summer was mild following a mild winter. Now, this forward fall weather! I fear we are in for an early and ultimately fierce winter, my city; fierce and long lasting into what should be spring! Pray that I be wrong!

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