Sunday, February 7, 2010

Red Leather Motorcycle Jacket

So one day last spring(2009) I was riding my bike towards home down Larimer Avenue. I got to the corner of Larimer and ***** and these two people were walking. One had on a beautiful red leather motorcycle jacket with Japanese script on it. Across the back between the shoulders it said "ATLANTA" in Japanese katakana.

"Sick-assed Jacket", I said to dude, "That says ATLANTA in Japanese."
"Yea", he said, "Howdja know?"
"I can read that shit!"
"Yea, you wit' it! I'm from Atlanta; I alway had to TELL niggahz what that say! You the 1st that tol' ME!!!"
And that was it. We went our ways. Damn!!! I WANTED that fuckin' jacket!!!

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